iXplosive Designs is a relatively young company, but the experience we have onboard is not. Previously employed by the Medical Automation Research Center (M.A.R.C.) at the University of Virginia for various projects, including logo, marketing, concept design and operation demo animation work, among many others, we have accumulated experience in not only animation and computer graphics in general, but also video editing, compositing, sound editing and shooting live footage when needed.

We work very closely with our clients to be certain the final product is exactly as desired, are accustomed to working on a tight schedule and under proprietary confidentiality agreements. Not only can we present your product in a high-resolution, publication quality render long before it is physically built, we are able to adjust and shape it in line with its actual production or your conceptual design. And since we are not restricted to physical limitations, we can show the operation of any part of your product, no matter how small or hidden, very clearly in our animations.

The edge this company possesses over most competitors is a very balanced overall knowledge of emerging computer technologies. The reason this component bears much importance to our clients is rooted in the use of the animation products we create - we know what to recommend whether you need logos to be displayed on a website or packaged on a data CD, or brought up on a TV screen from a VHS tape or via other means.

Our knowledge base encompasses web design, Java/C++ programming, ASP, SQL, ORACLE 8i, and the list goes on and on.

As far as animation packages are concerned, we prefer the latest versions of Adobe's Photoshop and Newtek's Lightwave as our prime packages, and have vast experience with SpeedRazor editing software, Aura, Flash, Sound Forge, etc...

In addition, we deliver to the international market and have Czech, German, French and Spanish speaking capability as well as direct cultural knowledge. We have direct access to legal and medical expertise and are very happy to work with clients in these specialized areas.

Our work scope caters to our client; we do projects with high-level resolution which require more time as well as projects needed immediately with less focus on detail. On all projects, whatever we promise we will deliver and we guarantee you will be pleased with our work and come back for more.